What We Do

Secret Signals is a label services and publicity firm strategically based in Singapore, working with artists from all over the globe on business development and public relations in Asia. 

In addition to artists and labels, we also assist brands and businesses with music consulting and partnerships in the buzzing region. 

Where we are different is that we take a holistic approach to a label and business’ brand and growth in Asia, helping them grow and build sustained and long relationships with the media, platforms and fans in the region.


We manage the aspects of a record label which includes strategic marketing, radio & TV servicing, media and public relations, touring publicity, sales, tracking, reporting and distribution.


We work closely with business managers and editors of the myriad of digital streaming platforms unique to the region to make sure your music gets heard on the platforms that matter. 


We pride ourselves in our good relationship with the region’s music and lifestyle media. We provide strategic marketing, digital marketing and public relations so the right people get your news. 


We provide insights, industry connections and know-how so that brands and companies are able to tap on each others’ network in a mutually beneficial and collaborative way.


We are active in 17 markets across Asia, including Hong Kong, India, Indonesia Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.


Three guys who used to play in rock bands, two music practitioners & one crazy cat lady. 

With experience in various fields in the industry, we bring our best to the table to achieve your goals. 

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